Is there a sensible way …

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Is there a sensible way to include an electron app in an NX monorepo? Or is that just too much?


Something like this?



This is awesome, thanks . Any experience using this? Having some issues starting the app, I’ll check the source I guess

Nope I’ve never built anything in electron before. Maybe it doesn’t support your version of nx or something. When was the time it was updated?

About a week ago, seems to be pretty active :confused:

Hmm interesting. Maybe open an issue.

Yeah I’ll do that. Thanks for the help! I honestly just assumed electron wouldn’t play nice in a monorepo :sweat_smile: I had started trying to set up what I had running in it’s own directory, but this approach is more interesting I think (they have a separate frontend app that the electron app references rather than having a single app that is the electron app as well as the frontend of the app)