Hello everyone I am sor…

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Hello everyone! I am sorry if this is a wrong channel for the question I have, but nevertheless: What is a recommended way to develop Chrome extensions using Nx? We use React for all our packages, so should this extension be implemented as react:app as well? Or there is some different approach? Thanks in advance!


Welcome this is the channel for any question!

I haven’t built a react app but with angular and nestjs your app is typically a container and components and logic are in libraries.

thank you! The structuring is clear for me, I have some troubles related to the build step. My main concern regarding the aforementioned approach is that I need to specify ‘index’ value (path to the HTML file) while it is not needed for my specific use case.

look for your app in angular.json or workspace.json look for the build step, you will see“index”: “apps/path/to/appp/index.html”, i havent tried this but maybe remove that line and see if it still will build?