hi everyone quick ques…

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hi, everyone. quick question. Is there a command to build all affected apps?




yes, of course. but i want to ignore libs

use –exclude then


i’m looking for something like nx affected:build --apps

yes, i haven’t found examples on how to use that option

try affected:build --exclude $(affected:libs)

awesome. will do. thx


hey, . I managed to define an npm script to run affected app builds. "affected:build:master:main": "nx affected:build --exclude \"$(npm run --silent affected:libs:master) integrations\" --base=origin/master --head=HEAD --prod", "affected:libs:master": "nx affected:libs --base=origin/master --head=HEAD --plain", the problem is that I’m not sure the exclude is working completely fine. the output of npm run --silent affected:libs:master is models devices-notifications-state shared-locations-state add-devices-state locations-common scenes-common companies locations company home snapshot scenes devices user-hub devices-notifications websocket-client webrtc-notifications devices-state calls shared-devices-state devices-common user-hub-state users-common companies-state companies-list first-company common-db-models pbx-sync snapshot-common app-common shared-services groups-dialogs groups-state common-state web-rtc auth login company-state websocket-msg common-utils app-helpers login-common material db-helpers sidebar database theme compose messages pbx-users-common backend-utils type-utils calls-utils colors smart-building but somehow the command output of affected:build is ```NX Running target build for projects:

  • api
  • frontend
  • events-manager
  • websocket
  • synchronizer
  • timer
  • database
  • compose
  • integrations``` you can see that integrations and compose are in the affected output but i tried to exclude them with my command :thinking_face: any ideas?

database is also in the affected:libs output

what project type do they have in your angular.json or workspace.json?

They all have "projectType": "library", Except for integrations which i added manually because it’s an app that i don’t want built

what os are you on?

Ubuntu with wsl on windows