Hi everyone first day …

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Hi everyone - first day of using Nx - lovin it so far! One thing that has me puzzled though is that I wanted to start with an empty workspace and add my Angular and NestJS projects in separately so I could specify their names differently to the default names. Which was all good and I got it to work ok, but I needed to do “nx add @nrwl/angular” before I could call nx generate… - which was all fine and I got it to work. My actual question is that I can’t find any documentation for the “add” command. I mainly wanted to point out that coming in with a fresh perspective and a clean environment the Docs weren’t very clear on how you need to call add before generate.


You can find for any plugin schematics which are creating files for you. At this case you want to generate a new project. So you need to search for all available generate commands related to your plugin

If you use vsc there is a nx extension which helps you with this a lot

Thanks - it was more of a comment than a problem. Been a long time Intellij user, so will struggle on with the command line for now. But yes, I have seen the VSC plugin too.