Uh this is new I d swe…

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Uh, this is new. I’d swear it wasn’t a issue with v9.2

import { ReactComponent as IconAddUser } from '@myscope/icons/icon-add-user.svg'; results in:

Deep imports into libraries are forbiddeneslint@nrwl/nx/enforce-module-boundaries I need this icon library to be its own package, and I thought I had it sorted with:

"build": { "builder": "@nrwl/node:package", "options": { "outputPath": "dist/libs/icons", "tsConfig": "libs/icons/tsconfig.lib.json", "packageJson": "libs/icons/package.json", "main": "libs/icons/src/index.ts", "assets": ["libs/icons/*.md", "libs/icons/src/lib/*.svg"] } } but today I came check again, and boom


This is the tslint or eslint rule that is shipped by nx that does not allow this if you really need it then whitelist those imports

Yup, I did. There’s something amiss tho, since Nx also ships with SVGR && wants you to make a lib of everything :smile: