I see the Should I be …

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I see the https://github.com/nrwl/nx/blob/13280b528273915a4b1fd5d5cb1cb1823f6d8947/packages/workspace/src/utils/rules/to-js.ts#L5-L5|ToJS() rule in @nrwl/workspace. Should I be using that? I’m not sure it’s what I’m searching for. I was hoping to find something that I can point to an app/tsconfig.json file to build the app and this one doesn’t seem to do that. [nrwl/nx] packages/workspace/src/utils/rules/to-js.ts:5-5


You can use already existing builders. The @nrwl/node package has a builder that compiles typescript only. It’s the @nrwl/node:package builder

<https://nx.dev/angular/plugins/node/builders/package https://nx.dev/angular/plugins/node/builders/package>

Ah! Of course. I had tried using a node application, but the webpack build was total overkill for my needs.

There are some additional steps that I need to add to the build. I’ve found info on extending schematics in custom plugins, but haven’t found anything about extending builders. Could you point me in the right direction? Thanks!