Hey everyone I m wonder…

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Hey everyone, I’m wondering if nx will help me with something I’m trying to do right now with lerna and am struggling to accomplish in a smooth way:

I want to iteratively migrate an existing UI that is all rendered via ejs in an express server to use reactjs with typescript for certain components. The express server injects some configuration/data straight into the html, so I don’t want to go full SPA. I just want to use react for a few of the more dynamic components on the page (it’s essentially a streaming video conferencing application with lots of dynamic controls).

What’s more complicated is that I actually want at least two different react apps. One for the conference moderator (very different UI), and one for the participants. So I need to output two different react apps and ideally serve them with the express server. The two apps do have a few common components/utilities that I’d like to share.

Right now I’m using a customized (but not ejected) create-react-app to output a single bundle main.js which I am copying into a directory that I’m statically serving with the express app so that I can easily deploy the whole thing as a single bundle on heroku.

Is this something that is possible with nx? Or am I just trying to do something too complicated/stupid :slightly_smiling_face: ?

Any advice would be very helpful!


Have you given it a thought to a nextjs migration? Maybe migrating from express to next which are both SSR might get you to where you want to go

Those two apps would be two different pages