I ve finally got time to…

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I’ve finally got time to upgrade to Angular+Nx 9 from a v8 project. We are using NgRx with StoreRouterConnectingModule.forRoot({ routerState: RouterState.Full }) and the DataPersistence.navigation helper from @nrwl/angular. With the default NgRx strictStateImmutability: true we are seeing errors in local development, presumably due to state changes in the NgRx router actions. I found this issue, to me it reads like the intended fix went into NgRx, but I’m unclear whether the fix was just for action serialization: https://github.com/nrwl/nx/issues/1538 - has anybody else been able to do this? [nrwl/nx] #1538 DataPersistence navigation run method is not triggered when using RouterState.Minimal