Is xplat free or you hav…

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Is xplat free or you have to pay from day zero? Has anyone here use xplat? Hows been your experience?


xplat is released under the MIT license

So even if they’d charge (which I don’t think they do) you can use it for free, but also clone it, fork it, modify it then sell it yourself :slightly_smiling_face:

I have used it in the past, I don’t really like the suggested structure (but that’s a personal opinion) but the NativeScript integration is great. Way better than trying to fit NativeScript in an Nx Workspace yourself

Got it. Glad that I will be able to keep my web and mobile app as a monorepo. Thank you.

You’re welcome!

Btw, from looking at your icon I get a very Colombian vibe. Are you Colombian?

:flag-co: I am :slightly_smiling_face: You should visit, if you havent before. People who visit, dont want to go back.

I live in Medellín haha

I’m one of the people who came for three months… counting 4 years now :wink: