Hi everyone I am new wit…

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Hi everyone,I am new with Nx, I want to understand how Nx ensures that new team mate does not download the entire applications and libs on a Workplace, which could run into many Gigabytes of file size depending on the number of projects on the workspace?


Hey - Nx is generally ran in a Git repo so doing a selective checkout is not possible (afaik)

But I think you’d need to have hundreds/thousands of apps and libs until your repo reaches one GB, let alone more

In my case, I generally have an Nx workspace pre project. I don’t have a company wide monorepo as makes little sense in my case

Nrwl works with very large enterprises and only the absolute largest need a solution where git acts as a virtual file system and only downloads the files that you actually need. Microsoft does this with the Windows OS, I believe. 99% of companies don’t need that functionality.

The only way I can imagine GB of files in a normal size company is if you’re checking in videos and large images in the repo. It probably makes sense to store those assets separately.

thanks, I was thinking there could be something similar to the Googles Piper tooling, but I guess you have to get to the expanse of Google to need something like that