Hello friends I m looki…

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Hello friends. I’m looking to see if there are documented tools or guidance on migrating an independent project into an nx app. Context I have a repo that I built an app and N libraries in already. Now that this is all complete. I’m looking to take my legacy project and port it into the nx workspace as an app. Both are React. I’ve got a decent idea of the hard way to do it but just curious if there was anything out there to improve the process.


Hey ryan, this was asked already and has a very good answer. let me find the thread for you :smile:


check that thread out and let me know if you have any questions

Thank you!

I am not familiar with the Nx’s documentation setup, but is there a place where a “recipe” or “how-to” support document could be created to keep this information long-term? This Slack community is the free plan so valuable like this will be lost.

I’ll write up a medium article today, as I do not work for Nrwl :smile:

hmm we are getting close to the 10k mark!

Oh sorry Alex. I thought you did. You’re very responsive.

Yeah, a Medium article will work. It will not only make it highly visible but also boost your name recognition. ;-)