Is linux on a mac a good…

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Is linux on a mac a good idea or should i get a different machine? Have top of the line mac, but when I run my nx/nest app it consumes all my memory.


There is probably something else wrong. That does not happen to me.

But also, generally speaking, Linux on Mac hasn’t been a great experience for me.

I ended up buying a system 76, and I’ve been happy with that.

What issues did you run into? I was thinking about installing popos on my mac.

You can give it a shot!

I had issues with resolutions. Touchbar was an absolute no go. Wifi was inconsistent, i had to keep restarting to get it to work. Battery life was not very good.

But that was a few years ago now. Might be better

IIRC i was using stock ubuntu

Ill install popos when i get a thumb drive. I’ll let you know how it goes. Thanks.

What version of node are you running? I dont know if I need to downgrade node.

I am on v12 currently.

I am on v12.18.1. Are you on 12.0.0? I will try to match yours and see what heppens.


What nx version are you on?