Does Nx have a recomme…

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Does Nx have a recommendation around how to structure storybook configuration with your workspaces?

Currently, I use nx generate @nrwl/react:storybook-configuration to generate a storybook config, one for each library (with a .storybook at root level).

Is it recommended/best practice to have a storybook config per library or have only one storybook configuration for all the UI libs in the workspace? Or is it up to consumers of Nx to have a guideline that fits their workspace?


I notice that when creating storybook configuration, Nx also prompts to create a cypress e2e app to test this storybook, so was wondering what’s the motivation behind that?

in terms of the motivation behind cypress testing storybook:


libs tend to extend root level configs for many things so i think makes sense for storybook to as well. How much goes into your root level config would be the lever to pull perhaps?

I also gave a conference talk covering similar material: