Hey guys in my nx works…

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Hey guys, in my nx workspace, when I want to import something from a lib, webstorm autocompletes this import using the definition in tsconfig eg @myorg/lib1 which is great. however, if I want to import the same thing inside that library, webstorm also uses @myorg/lib which leads to circular imports. can I make webstorm to rather use the relative path ../services/myservice in this case?


im also curious about this. really annoying always creating circular deps haha

Interesting. If I’m understanding you correctly, then VSCode is doing this automatically for me. So when I try to use something from within the same lib, the autocomplete imports it with a relative path, but if it’s in another lib I get the @myorg/lib

That is what we want in WebStorm but webstorm always uses ts alias if it exists.

Interesting, so VSCode IntelliSense seems to be slightly more intelligent about this. (badumtssss)


But a couple of devs on my team are actually using WebStorm, so I’d love to hear if you guys find some solution to this :sweat_smile:

i dont wanna be that guy, but we should use absolute paths instead. In your tsconfig you are able to set your baseurl. I use vscode and it picks up my folder structure. I repented after reading this article https://adrianfaciu.dev/posts/module-imports/

I actually agree with that concept, but the nx lint rules flag it as a circular dependency if you depend on the lib you’re in. Personally I just keep the libs as small as possible (or at least as flat as possible) so the relative imports aren’t really a problem. For the apps I have a custom path in the root.

Got it. The article also says that relative paths in the same folder are ok. I was thinking that every lib and app has a tsconfig that extends the root tsconfig, maybe setting the bseurl there would overwrite the imports. Havent tried it yet.

I tried some messing around with the baseUrl and everything was a mess :sweat_smile: I added "$*": ["apps/*"], to paths in the root tsconfig, so I can use absolute imports within apps by doing import X from '$appName/…'; , in theory one could do something similar for the libs

Ok facinating. This thread helped me figure out a circular dependency error I’ve been getting all day while trying to review a PR from another dev (that happens to use webstorm) :see_no_evil: