I m just trying to debug…

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I’m just trying to debug what is going on here, but pointers would be helpful. I have the following in my workspace.json: "test": { "builder": "@nrwl/workspace:run-commands", "options": { "commands": [ { "command": "echo" } ] } }, obviously just to test this problem I’m seeing. If I now run nx run myapp:test --ci=true then I get the following output: ```$ nx run myapp –ci=true

> nx run myapp:test –ci=true —-=[object Object]``` do additional arguments not get passed correctly to the run-commands builder maybe?


Ok, so the warnings came from also running mocha… but the echo command still outputs the “—-=[objecct Object]” which is what I’m asking about… (i’ll edit the aabove output to remove the warnings)

nx run myapp:test --args='--ci=true'

fairly recent addition it seems? 23 days ago https://github.com/nrwl/nx/pull/3092/files#diff-79aa2325e77fc0b587f711d2b16ec0a4R77