Hello When grouping lib…

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Hello! When grouping libraries, the output generated for the package name is something like this: libs/groupFolder/subGroup/myLib //package.json for myLib { name: '@npmScope/groupFolder-subGroup-my-lib' }

(Sorry, see thread for the actual questio)


Would be possible to customize the name of the package.json generated? I can’t find a way to do it, rather than programatically recreating the package.json and updating all references in nx.json

If you’re planning on publishing the libraries, you can change the package.json name to anything you want.

If you’re using the libraries in your own app, you can modify the tsconfig.json’s path object and change the import name there. It’s a good idea to keep tsconfig and package.json in sync.

Now, if there’s a way to customize these names when generating? Not at the moment :confused:

You can create a feature request for it though :slightly_smiling_face: