hi all I m having issues…

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hi all I’m having issues with paths in http://tsconfig.app|tsconfig.app: tslint throws circular dependency error: ERROR: 5:1 nx-enforce-module-boundaries Circular dependency between "shared" and "my-app" detected

this is tsconfig.app.json "baseUrl": "src", "paths": { "@modules/*": ["app/modules/*"], "@common/*": ["app/common/*"], ... "@workspace/ng-kit/*": ["../../../libs/ng-kit/src/lib/*"], "@workspace/shared/*": ["../../../libs/shared/src/lib/*"], root tsconfig "baseUrl": ".", "paths": { "@modules/*": ["apps/my-app/src/app/modules/*"], "@common/*": ["apps/my-app/src/app/common/*"], "@ethic/ng-kit/*": ["libs/ng-kit/src/lib/*"], "@ethic/shared/*": ["libs/shared/src/lib/*"], }, my fix: error disappeared after removing “paths” sections from tsconfig.app.json and listing everything in the root config. but in this case I don’t have separation of aliases between applications: basically I can import stuff from one app into another. and also I have to rewrite some imports in my app since baseUrl is no longer src - after moving paths to root tsconfig I need to use baseUrl: '.'

please, point me to the right direction. should I have all paths sitting in the root tsconfig or can I have separate paths for each app? thanks

P.S. also there were cases when application was built fine without any errors but webstorm IDE highlighted imports using aliases with red


This is similar to: https://nrwlcommunity.slack.com/archives/CMFKWPU6Q/p1592563854477400?thread_ts=1592206491.326000&cid=CMFKWPU6Q

so the idea is to put paths only in root tsconfig, right?

apps shouldn’t be exporting modules