Hi everyone Anyone fi…

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Hi everyone!

Anyone find a solution for sharing CSS across multiple apps in an NX Monorepo?

I currently am running several Angular Apps, with a few libraries in an NX Monorepo. I ran across the issue of trying to share common CSS across all my apps. https://stackoverflow.com/questions/50428245/how-to-manage-scss-stylesheets-across-a-monorepo-with-different-libraries-sharin?rq=1

I found the stackoverflow suggest above. This worked!

However, I just started a new NX Monorepo and I am trying to do the same. But every time I try to import shared CSS into an application I get a SassError: Can't find stylesheet to import.

Also I am aware that Angular 10 just came out. I started this project just before, so I haven’t tried upgrading everything. Maybe the new CLI fixed this issue. Assuming the above Stackoverflow is the suggest method for sharing CSS. Stack Overflow: How to manage SCSS stylesheets across a monorepo with different libraries sharing variables?