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less than 1 minute read|Google Cloud Functions Generator Generate a Google Cloud Function within a Nx workspace with dev tools: • Create : nx generate @joelcode/gcp-function:http functionName • Serve : nx serve functionName • Test : nx test functionName • Deploy : nx deploy functionName I took Nx development strategy for front-end components & applied it to back-end microservices (Google Cloud Functions). With my plugin, I can create & deploy production-ready microservices in 5 minutes. I then combine my microservices to develop a business automation strategy, business analytics, or data streaming pipeline.

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My plugin is optimized for the development of production-ready microservices (Google Cloud Functions). I have direct access to all the Google Cloud APIs & development tools with basic templates that include tests specifically for HTTP & Pub/Sub functions.

The file structure of an HTTP function

My plugin is good for the microservice section

So your plugin is providing a plain google cloud function. Not based on nestjs or express

Or better to say it is not adoption to an existing app in a nx workspace