I just released v2 0 0 o…

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I just released v2.0.0 of my Ionic React plugin for Nx! Check out the release notes here: https://dev.to/devinshoemaker/release-nxtend-ionic-react-2-0-0-40c8 DEV Community: Release @nxtend/ionic-react 2.0.0



Looks like a packed release :smiley:


Thanks! It’s been a fun couple weeks! I wasn’t intending on a 2.0 so early, but some dependencies had breaking changes. I’d be interested in how you guys at Nrwl handle versioning Nx in tandem with dependency major version changes.

Historically we aligned with angular versioning. That might be changing soon, so I don’t have a complete answer for you

But following semver is always good :smile: