Hello all I m exploring…

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Hello all, I’m exploring the possibility to use Nx for the next project and until now it looks very promising. Are there anywhere examples of some bigger(“real world”) workspaces? I found until now only this one: https://github.com/stefanoslig/angular-ngrx-nx-realworld-example-app Thanks.


I think real world examples is kinda hard. nobody really wants to put effort in an example app that’s big I suppose. And people/companies with big repos might not want to make them open-source

At Showpad (<http://showpad.com showpad.com>) we have an NX repo with 385 projects atm (10 are apps, other ones are libs) and we’re very happy we chose NX.

We started using NX before the guidelines were out (I think), so our setup is not 100% like it should be, but all new libs are using the conventions and we’re gradually moving the old code to the new conventions as well. Works great so far