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Hello everyone! We are just starting a new project and we have decided to go with Nx and Angular and I got a few questions that answered to will help us a lot getting started. • Would you recommend using yarn instead of npm? If yes, why? We are intensively looking into performance matters mainly, so with regards to that, what can you tell me? • We are aiming towards CI incremental builds (caching) for Dockerized Jenkins slaves. Is it possible? Has anyone done such a thing? • Lastly, about test coverage reports .. we want to use SonarQube for our coverage reports and since that uses and lcov type file, in case we’re having multiple apps/libraries with deps all over the place, how would we create those reports? Do we aggregate the apps and libs tests somehow or do we generate those individually? What are the best practices here? Also, if ‘aggregation’ is possible (Nx supports such operation), how is it done? Many thanks and kind regards, Tudor


  1. Yarn vs npm performance wise, these days it is practically the same, feel free to run any project with time yarn and time npm i and compare.
  2. No idea, but it is something I would like to know as well.
  3. That depends on your team practices, but since you are creating a monorepo, it makes sense to have all of it in one single report.

Thanks for the quick reply, Fernando! I would agree with the 3rd point and as for the 1st one, I will for sure try that one out and then ask what their preference is. Thanks again and hopefully someone could tell us something about the 2nd topic :grin:

Edit: Other opinions on the 1st and 3rd points are always welcome :grin: