Anyone know when the ng …

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Anyone know when the ng conf hardwired talks will be put online?


They are up for attendees, but they said they were setting something up for public distro in the next week or so.

most of the time, ng conf videos are a week or two out

Awesome thanks. I wasn’t able to attend so looking forward to seeing them online.

There are a couple I need/want to watch again.

What was your favorite justin

The one on testing magic I want to watch again. I need to get better at writing tests. The concepts seem pretty straight forward just need to review. The first session on interceptors because I need to implement it on a project or two.

Aaron Ma stood out because he was an 11 year old giving a presentation on machine learning.

That’s awesome!

Did the testing one talk about component harnesses?

Honestly being at home I want able to focus and had to skip quite a lot.

This one was about adapters and don’t mock what you don’t own

Ah that makes sense. Well luckily you can rewatch

Make sense.

the testing one was super cheesy but there are some good points and some links I want to get from it. I think there was another testing one I want to review.

I think there was at least one other testing one I didn’t get to watch.

Cool, testing is the one area where my skills are lacking the most.

Yea, same, I always feel finding good resources on testing is hard. Or doesn’t match what I am experiencing. It may have something to do with inheriting code that doesn’t follow any best practices. Isn’t there a saying that goes something like “if it is hard to create a test for something it might be an indicator that something in the code is wrong”