Is nx working with bazel…

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Is nx working with bazel already? The last announcement was in Oct 2019 - any news here?


Angular 9 supports bazel so you can try to use that instead. I’m not sure if it will work however.

I have tried that with the rc version, with it was without success. Currently it is still only working with the angular structure. But nx already provides some functionality like distributed caching to get some approvements

Also the PR for bazel has been revived for the v9 version of Nx so it would be great if it is announced soon :slightly_smiling_face:

There is a bazel implementation built into Nx (from years ago) but it is turned off I believe and nrwl suggests to not use it as it was pre angular+bazel. Like Kristof said they are working on getting bazel into v9 of Nx itself but right now if you are using Nx8 and angular 9 (or 8 but it might not work as well) you can enable bazel by running ng add @angular/bazel

Nx 9 is out w/ bazel support!

Does it work out of the box, or do you need to set it up manually