I have this curl command…

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I have this curl command that is what the auth0 provider redirects to after authentication. The server returns a 400. does not give you the index.html


what is your backend written in node? it looks like your pointing at the wrong endpoint

i don’t have a backend yet

apolo can you please keep these all in one thread

ok, i’ll keep it in this one then

well your app doesnt have the route it looks like

the serve command for a frontend app redirects not found routes to index.html

without a code sample its really hard to help

so here, it should return me the html, then my frontend app should run and get the query string to continue working. but the server is not doing that

i’ll make a repo so anyone can pull and take a look

but the problem is not in the code, i just tried it with a fresh app

if it works with a fresh app then it is the code :joy:

nono, it does not work with the fresh app

ah sorry i read that wrong

sorry if i said that hehe

post a min repo in the channel and ill try to help but i mostly dev in angular. Someone else here might have a better idea tho, ask if anyone else has had this issue with react

i have an ng repo also, will try the command with that project as well

yup, same problem :laughing:


so its nx not react/ng

so, i think that the error is in the server not redirecting correctly to the html. for what i understand the error happens only when I have the cookie header in the request

but i’m trying to see if i didn’t mess up something in my code while doing the authentication, maybe the problem is due to the length of that cookie string. and maybe my code is generating it wrong

i’m might need to come back to this even i fix my particular problem. i don’t understand why would the server don’t accept such a large string, maybe the nrwl team can address that but i’m going to see if i shouldn’t get that cookie in my app in the first place :slightly_smiling_face:

maybe check the github issues for http server?