Is there a link how to s…

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Is there a link how to setup nrwl with firebase functions ?


Hey Ivan, there is an nx-serverless package that someone has posted here. do you know the link? I think it support firebase cloud functions.

yeah wrote one here is the message in the npm packages channel

Hey guys i am actively working on it, atm it just does lambda but i got the structure setup for other purposes….am going to push code in a few days

Mind sharing what u r looking for?

I think the most requested would be firebase cloud functions

but some others might want anything that this package offers

Ok i am adding support for multi cloud soon as just mograted the repo as an nx workspace

Will keep u guys updated


, hi! i have just relased the version 0.4.5 to allow deployment of angular-universal to lambda! I am one step away to adding an if else for google functions template, it would be got create help if you want to collaborate as my knowledge in google cloud is very limited