Hi Anybody using githu…

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Hi - Anybody using github actions to deploy there monorepo (NX) ?

I am interested in publishing/updating docker images in docker hub.

But I would be very interested in how people are using the “affected” for building etc - but within the github actions

Anybody written anything about the use case ?

Also - no only publishing docker images - but I would like to publish a release on github (you know the standard Releases tab)) - but again - taking into consideration what projects should be released using the “affected”

I would really appreciate any input or info anybody can offer. Thank you


Hey Ian! i know there have been multiple people mention using github actions and there are a couple of extra steps you need to take to get it to work since Nx defaults to HEAD and github actions do not pull that in (they do a shallow clone). Let me try and find the comment thread about it and I will tag you in it.

At Trellis we use semantic-release for building releases and there was a semantic-release-plus package that was made by one of our community members to work with Nx!

I cannot find the comment about the github actions part but I remember it has something to do with having to run git fetch so that it updates head.