Hi all i would love a l…

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Hi all, i would love a little insight.

previously I have been splitting libraries by feature - which worked great when i had one large API serving all my features.

But now I am wanting to split everything into grpc microservices.

Problem is that when i split everything into microservices, splitting “their” libraries into features - no longer makes sense - as one microservice will in affect be a feature :slightly_smiling_face:

Anybody else splitting in another way ? I was initially following the book MonoRepo by nrwl - which worked great with libraries split by feature.

I would love some input or advise on other ways to split my libraries when these are in affect 1 microservice = 1 feature

Any ideas ?

I will add, when I am talkiing i am talking about the relative directory /libs

/apps web authentication-service payment-service etc…..

/libs web some-lib-on-front-split-by-feature authenticatation-service split-by-what ???

So splitting the libraries of the “web” is easy - because its a large app that will be split by feature libraries

BUT libs for the “services” (node apis) - are microservices - so they don’t split by feature