Good morning to those o…

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Good morning, to those of you for whom it is still morning. I’ve noticed that the default port for the debugger was changed from 7777 to 0 0 being a random port.

Does anyone else find the random port thing annoying? I dont really want to have to specify a port in my workspace.json for each app, and obviously I dont want to configure chrome with a new port each time I start my app.

Was this just done because there was issues running more than one app at a time?


It was done because of watch mode - the port wasnt freed in time and caused issues of trying to bind to a same port

hmm. So if I set the port back to 7777 in my workspace file, am I going to run into that problem starting and stopping my app with serve ?

if you manually stop it, you wont have the issue

but if you do some changes in watch mode, you might get some errors about binding to the same port and not being able to debug

ok, cool. Thanks for the info. I’m actually not too familiar with the watch mode feature. I’ll have to check that out to make sure I understand

thanks again

For running inside docker you need to specify a port so you can forward it so you can attach your debugger, so a random port isn’t really going to fly.

you can still specify the port, it just defaults to random now. You can set a specific port in you workspace.json or angular.json file if you need to

Yes; was having an issue with that late last night but it was probably just my stressed-out brain!

yeah, I was confused my self, until I came across the diff in github