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Hey everyone, I am currently testing the nx cloud and I have some questions… I did a full run of a feature brach using nx-affected for all architect commands. Afterwards I run a nx build my-app --prod and was expecting the cache to kick in… but it didn’t. But as far as I understand, it is supposed to, right? If I run nx build my-other-app --prod twice on my local machine, the cache kicks in the second time… so caching is somewhat working


btw, as I changed nx.json to add nx-cloud, this nx-affected ran all tasks on all targets

nevermind :face_with_rolling_eyes: need to pass the CI env var into the docker container… at least I think this is the problem

just confirming, that this was the problem, I can now locally get the CI cache

great stuff, nx team :+1:

Hey Christian take a look at this guide to see how cache keys are determined!

<https://nx.dev/react/guides/computation-caching https://nx.dev/react/guides/computation-caching>

the question for me is: why is package.json and “friends” listed in my implicitDependencies ? but not listed in the code examples in this guide?