Hi where can I find info…

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Hi where can I find info how to configure routing in my nx monorepo?


 not sure if it’s documented but it mainly depends on the framework you are using.

You can define components you want to route to in separate libs and reference them from there

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Thanks for your answers! I‘m using Angular. Is there a suitable example repo which deals with routing?

Here you can see an example of an Angular app that lazy loads routes to libraries https://github.com/nrwl/nx-examples/blob/master/apps/products/src/app/app.module.ts

something to keep in mind is that Nx is not a framework, but more like a coordinator of frameworks. Whatever routing solution you prefer in a standard Angular app should work in an Nx workspace as well.

Thank you very much. I know that Nx is not a framework. But when using Nx with an Angular project, the project structure will be different. I hoped to find best practices for the routing issue.