Dear community one more…

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Dear community, one more question: Is there a best practice for dealing with environment variables in an angular nx monorepo? The environment files are in the app folder and as such not accessible by lib services


We make them visible to libs using injection tokens.

do you have an example of how that’s done?

I’ve been using various techniques… For example, move your environment to a shared lib, and update the fileReplacements in your angular.json / workspace.json that’s probably the most straightforward/mechanical way I know if

Well, something like this quick example

```import { Component, InjectionToken, NgModule } from ‘@angular/core’;

export const ENV_VARIABLE = new InjectionToken<string>(‘my-var’);

@Component({}) export class ExampleComponent {

constructor(@Inject(ENV_VARIABLE) private _envVar: string) {}


@NgModule({ providers: [ {provide: ENV_VARIABLE, useValue: ‘VALUE’} ] }) export class AppModule {}```

If you provide the tokens in the main module, either directly with the providers array or in a ModuleWithProviders call, ther became accessible via the injector.

Thanks for the example, I can see how that would work well for the content of environment.ts too :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you! I‘m gonna try this