How to run tests in all …

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How to run tests in all apps and libs?


nx run-many --target=test --all

You probably don’t want to do that though. See:

So good :smile: thanks!

If I don’t contribute something back I will feel bad

Well, in our company our master pipeline runs affected all. About 7 apps by now and 100+ libs.

We had a chat with some people from NRWL and they told us a lot of companies do the same

regardless of the fact that it’s not necessary

How does this work in a GitHub Action environment for example?

I guess since there is no cache it will rebuild everything everytime

there won’t be a cache unless you use something like nx cloud (<>).

Using nx affected will still save you some time though

because it can make it so that you only test what was affected by a particular PR

caching and affected speed things up in complementary ways