How to run storybook aft…

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How to run storybook after generating them?


After running start-storybook it runs fine, but there is no stories.

nvm :slightly_smiling_face: It works using nx run lib-name:storybook

I would like to submit PRs to improve documentation, it is there an umbrella ticket or just do it?

yes please, you can do it directly :thumbsup: let me know if I can help!

Same for features?

I need a remove that would be the inverse of generate <– there’s already a remove schematic, is this what you need?

no for React :smile:

it’s a workspace schematic - should work with any app or lib, does it not work for you?

(ignore the angular in the corner, you can also find it if you switch to React)

Yep, so all schematics can also use workspace schematics?

move and remove are two workspace schematics that can be used with any app/lib in your workspace


I found confusing that for a library everything should be inside lib so storybook schematic can generate stories, but when using directory flag, it doesn’t put it inside lib

I’m not sure I follow :thinking_face: if you generate a lib with the --directory=some-scope flag, it should put it in libs/some-scope, no?

I mean a component