Is there a straight forw…

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Is there a straight forward way to trace circular dependencies?


I’ve seen warnings spit out from the compiler that were pretty explicit in stating module A > module B > module C > module A. I just migrated to the latest nx so not sure if that is a new feature or not.

I’m using 9.4.0, I think there is a minor above that.. I finally figured out the issue, but the lint errors I was getting didn’t make any sense (I couldn’t find any explicit dependencies between the libs) but I ended up drawing it out on a whiteboard with lines between and realised there was a single import in a lib most other libs depended on, which caused this domino effect. I’m not even sure if nx could have done a better job, I was honestly starting to think the lint was faulty. But no, it was correct and I finally figured it out :see_no_evil:

Oh grats on figuring it out. I did realize my circular dep was inside a single app but finding them across multiple libs might not report the same.