So is it possible to use…

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So is it possible to use alternate, react-compatible libraries (e.g. preact) with nx?


Not directory with the nx CLI but I’m assuming you could relatively easily build a plugin for preact basing it off of the react plugin they have

I’m trying to do that; I’ve got all the errors resolved except it fails to load SVG images, because somewhere it wants to import react. I can’t figure out where lol

Do you have a repo? I’ve never used react or preact but have worked on plugins in the past.

Oh, woot. And I can commit this,

So you built a plugin that generates a preact project right?

Did you also create a builder to build it? Or are you using the default react builder

Yeah; I’ve gone through and updated all the react references to e.g. import * as React from 'preact';

I’ll stick the plug-in I have on github and you can install it from there, because this is legit a stock project. I just installed it. My first issue is changing it over so I can use preact lol

Okay, it’s published. @lighth7015/preact :smile:

I mean I know it’s me, I’m just wondering what/where the issue is, lol